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Writing Coach

Is something lacking in your story but you're not sure what it needs?

Would feedback and instruction from a professional writer & editor in a one-on-one session be beneficial to you as a writer? To your career?

If so, you might like my services as a writing coach.

In our private sessions, we'll go over your pages, and I'll help you to understand what's needed. I'll teach you the techniques needed to take your manuscript from dull to dynamic. 


For our one-on-one sessions, we'll meet at a local Redlands, CA venue, spread out your pages, and go to work. Not only will I provide line/copy editing as well as content editing, but I'll also coach you on specific techniques the modern novel must have to create a page-turner.

            I specialize in:         


1st Chapters: Your opening page is critical to your success as a writer. Most agents/publishers read your first page to see if it's worth reading further. If your first few paragraphs aren't dynamic, no one will see that terrific scene you've slaved over in Chapter 8 or Chapter 14. I'll help you understand the techniques needed in your 1st Chapter, and once you've learned, you can apply the techniques to future works as wellMore Info   


 Plotting: Do you understand modern story structure? Plot points/key scenes - scenes vital to the dynamic structure of your story? I explain where they should be placed for maximum effect.  More Info  


My Services Include:        

  • Complete line/copy editing of the chapter(s) of your choice
  • Content editing which includes checking your manuscript for:

1)  Modern Story Structure

2)  Backstory

3)  Scene & Sequel

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Let's work together to make your writing sing!


You can invest time and hundreds of dollars, even thousands, in writing classes with some of the best teaching facilities as I did, and still not be able to write a saleable manuscript. If that's your problem, hire me to be your personal coach/instructor, and I'll work with you on your specific story.

While most writers feel they benefit most from 2-3 hour's coaching, we can discuss what's best for you. There are no contracts to sign, no monthly commitments. We'll work only when you need the help. I love working with writers, love the atmosphere when writers work together to create something special.



Not sure what you need?

1 hr Consultation - $45 - will be applied to Coaching Fee

1st Chapter Analysis & Edit via internet - $55 up to 2500 words. Will be applied to Coaching Fee

One-on-one Coaching - $75 per hour


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While no instructor or freelance editor can guarantee your manuscript will sell, I can significantly help your chances. It wasn't until I learned the craft of writing that I went from amateur to professional.


And I can help you.



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