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Hello, I'm Brenda Hill, a California-based author & editor. Thanks for stopping by.

Writing a novel is a long process and a lonely one. An observer can watch an artist paint a picture and give praise and encouragement. No one, except for those immediately concerned with the production of a novel, wants to read drafts and rewrites. And you will find how quickly eyes glaze over when you discuss your character or a scene. So you bury your nose in the pages and figure it out.


The pay isn’t that great, unless you’re one of the selected few such as Stephen King or Stephenie Meyer.


But to be able to entertain, to touch another person with your art, whether it is painting, music, acting or writing, is a grand thing. If you have that desire, never give up. You have something to offer, so study, learn, and keep writing. Know that within yourself, you have to power to succeed.

If you're a writer and need help with your novel, please check my services. I love working with writers, and I offer Editing via email, and/or one-on-one Coaching in my local Redlands, CA area. My specialty is a novel's First Chapter, CRITICAL to your success as a writer. Check my 1st Chapter Analysis & Edit page to make sure your opening pages will attract and hold a reader's attention.

Check my Writing Tips, Editing Tips, and Grammar Hints for information about various writing techniques such as Scene, Sequel, Dialogue, Narration, Internal Dialogue, and Direct Internal Dialogue.

During my career as a writer, I've been published in several medias including:

  • Four novels with my fifth in progress 
  • Several short stories in publisher's anthologies including The Walking Stick, a MN literary journal
  • Short stories in a national women's magazine, Dorchester Publishing, one featured as a 'Twelve-Tissue-Tearjerker'
  • A short story for the Amazon Shorts program, which climbed to #3
  • Features in newspapers, MN & SoCal 
  • Restaurant Reviews in local newspaper
  • Two writing instruction books

Brainbench certified in Written English:

  • I've edited for an indie publisher
  • Belonged to an international critique group
  • Led several 1st Chapter workshops in Southern CA including the Palm Spring Writes Guild
  • The Ontario Ovitt Library
  • Judged a Midwest fiction writing contest

However, my passion is for the novel. I've completed studies in novel writing with several national writing facilities - classroom experience as well as online studies - including Gotham Writing Workshops and the University of Iowa's summer sessions. To request a complete list, send an email here

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My first novel, Ten Times Guilty, about a young single mother searching for value after a brutal attack, garnered a half point below the top rating by RT Book Reviews. My second, Beyond the Quiet, features many of the emotions I went through when my life drastically changed a few years ago. In my third,
With Full Malice, a traumatized food critic must find strength when a deadly secret society targets someone she loves. Night Owl Reviews awarded my latest novel, The House on Serpent Lake,  TOP PICK.

I've also published two books on writing, HOW TO WRITE YOUR BOOK FROM IDEA TO OUTLINE: Step-by-Step Instructions With Simple One-Page Chart Templates: a step-by-step method for building a successful storyline.

I currently lead a novel writers workshop in the Inland Empire of SoCal.

The main thing to remember? Never give up.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit.”

Richard Bach